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About Us

about our business, services and people

Our Business

Our pharmacy was established on 15 February 1952 and has been dedicated to serving the well-being of our community for 73 years and counting.

With personalized care, a wide range of services, and a friendly team of experienced professionals, we strive to be more than just a pharmacy. We aim to be your go-to destination fo all your health needs.

All Protea Pharmacies are independent and we are not part of a franchise.

Our Team

The team at Protea Pharmacy is a diverse and dedicated group of professionals working together to provide exceptional healthcare services to our valued customers. Committed to our mission of enhancing wellness and improving lives, each department plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of our pharmacy.

Meet Our Team

Pieter Jones

Pharmacist & Owner

Pieter Jones

Pharmacist & Owner

Pieter Jones, a compassionate pharmacist and owner of Protea Pharmacy, is devoted to delivering exceptional healthcare, prioritizing patient well-being. He finds solace in a refreshing Black Label beer, brightening any day.

Cornell Laurens

Clinic Sister

Cornell Laurens

Clinic Sister

Cornell Laurens, a dedicated clinic sister at Protea Pharmacy, brings concentration and attentiveness to her work. Known for her warmth, kindness, and compassion, she finds joy in a glass of Merlot wine and indulging in Cadbury chocolate.



Nina Briel

Nina, a pharmacist, prioritizes patient well-being, excels in pharmaceutical services, and takes pleasure in nature's beauty and red wine.


Pharmacist Assistant

Anzelle Britz

Anzelle, a gracious pharmacy assistant, radiates composure under pressure, is kind, and seeks solace in coffee and captivating books.


Pharmacist Assistant

Corné Olivier

Corné, a pharmacy assistant, exudes warmth and compassion, delighting in books and relishing Cadbury chocolates.


Pharmacist Assistant

Jolene Rautenbach

Jolene, a pharmacy assistant, is renowned for her work precision. She enjoys cappuccinos and relishes cheese or Black Forest cake.



Rina Potgieter

Rina is meticulous when it comes to accounts, prioritizes detail and others' well-being. She delights in culinary exploration.


Medical Aids

Ludwig Kieck

Ludwig Kieck, responsible for medical aids assistance, embodies honesty and logic, ensuring optimal customer outcomes.


Front Shop Assistant

Stephnie Engelbrecht

Stephnie, a front shop assistant, with a gentle demeanor embodies positivity. She enjoys reading and Nosh chocolates.


Front Shop Assistant

Sindy Fourie

Sindy, a sincere front shop assistant, radiates positivity and values social connections. She enjoys simple pleasures such as energy drinks, chips and biltong.


Front Shop Assistant

Marlyne Sethole

Marlyne, a welcoming front shop assistant, embodies positivity with her genuine demeanor. She enjoys savoring Fanta Orange cooldrink.


Receiving Clerk

Piet Mogale

Piet, a dedicated receiving clerk, embodies a balanced outlook on life and is renowned for courtesy. He enjoys Bar-One chocolates.


Cleaning Clerk

Johanna Moshokwa

Johanna, a thorough cleaning clerk, is admired for her kind-heartedness. She enjoys Coca-Cola and chocolates.


Delivery Clerk

Afrika Maluleke

Afrika, a dedicated delivery clerk, is appreciated for his relaxed demeanor, often seen wearing fingerless gloves and sunglasses.


Delivery Clerk

Sammy Mogale

Sammy, a reliable delivery clerk, seeks joy in new experiences. His dependability parallels his love for Bar-One bars and Red Velvet cake.


quality medicine and convenient solutions

Your trusted source for quality medications and personalized care, ensuring your well-being is our top priority.

Dispensing Scripts

a photo image of pills beside a medicine bottle iro of Protea Pharmacy dispensary

The Dispensary at Protea Pharmacy offers a complete range of professional services to our patients. We stock the most extensive selection of original, generic, and clone medications. The pharmacists and support staff at Protea Pharmacy are dedicated to delivering quality pharmaceutical care and guidance to our patients. We take pride in offering a distinctive personal experience to those we serve.


a photo image of a display rack of medicine in a pharmary

The self-medication or Over-The-Counter (OTC) division at Protea Pharmacy provides a variety of products for patients who prefer addressing minor illnesses or discomforts at home. Our astute staff is always prepared to offer guidance on suitable over-the-counter medications and assist with their proper usage, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients.

Clinic Services

compassionate healthcare services

Our Clinic

a photo image of a display rack of medicine in a pharmary

Welcome to our clinic section, where we combine the convenience of a pharmacy with the expertise of healthcare professionals. Our dedicated team is committed to offering a range of services, from vaccinations to health screenings, to meet your healthcare needs. We look forward to serving you.

We provide the following services:

Blood pressure

Blood glucose



Blood tests

Urine acid tests (Gout)

Urine traction tests

Ears rinse

Wound care

Pregnancy tests

H.I.V. Tests

Malaria tests

Drug tests

Family planning

We also do short medical exams and draw blood for life insurances, ask your broker.

Contact Us

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Trading Hours

Our trading hours are as follows:


08h00 - 18h00


08h00 - 13h00 and 17h00 - 18h00

Sundays and Public Holidays

10h00 - 12h00 and 17h00 - 18h00

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